Changes to Diabetes Appointments

Our practice is changing the way we support people with Type 2 Diabetes. We hope that this will give you more information about your condition and more of an opportunity to discuss the things that are important to you.

The new service is called You & Type 2.


We will invite you to attend two appointments and we will share information with you between those appointments.

The first appointment is your Annual Checks Appointment.

In this appointment we will complete all of the checks that let us know how things are going. This will include blood and urine tests, as well as foot and blood pressure checks.

We will also explain more about the You & Type 2 Mobile Phone App which will help you view your results, the plan you will make with your Doctor or Nurse, and also help you find activities and local support that can help you to manage your diabetes.

After your Annual Checks appointment, we will share information including your test results with you. We hope that this will help you think about them before you come for your second appointment. Your results will be shared with you by post (and if you provide us with your mobile phone number we will also send you a video which explains your results to your mobile phone). We would like you to think about the things that matter most to you when it comes to managing your diabetes.

After you have seen your results, we will invite you to a second appointment known as your Care and Support Planning Appointment.

This appointment will be different to appointments you have had previously with your Doctor or Nurse. You will have an opportunity to review how things are going and to discuss the things that are most important to you. You will make a plan with your Doctor or Nurse for managing your diabetes over the next year.

Following your appointment your Doctor or Nurse will give you a copy of the plan you make. You will also be able to see your plan on the You and Type 2 App, and further videos will be available to support you along the way.

Your data

Because we are now using this technology to support your diabetes care, the way we use your personal data has changed.

You can find more information about You & Type 2 and how your data will be used on our practice website or notice board, or at:

We hope you will find the new way we support you with your diabetes makes things just that bit easier for you, and we look forward to seeing you at your first Appointment.

Privacy Notice

The purpose of the You & Type 2 project is to allow people with Type 2 Diabetes to co-create care plans with their health care professional. View our privacy notice for more information.

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