Covid vaccine booster jab and seasonal flu jab

I’m pleased to advise that Brockwell Park Surgery, Paxton Green Health Centre and The Old Dairy Health Centre (together as Croxted PCN) will offer the Covid booster vaccine shortly.

Covid boosters will be given at Paxton Green Health Centre as done before.

This will only be for eligible groups of patients 1-9 as defined by the UK Government

This will only be for booster jabs, not for 1st or 2nd jabs.

Please wait to be invited by us for your booster vaccine, there is a strict 6 months gap after your 2nd dose vaccine, before you can have the Covid booster.

If you are in an eligible group you will also be able to access the National Booking System to obtain the Booster at other local sites.

Due to a national problem with road haulage the delivery of the seasonal flu vaccine has been delayed.

We are hoping to offer the seasonal flu jab to eligible patients at the same time as the Covid booster, once the seasonal flu vaccine is delivered.

Dr Rachel James – PCN Clinical Director