Change in arrangements for routine blood tests

As a practice, we have been notified by NHS England of a significant national shortage of the bottles used for taking and analysing blood samples. Along with all other health care organisations in the country, we have been told to significantly reduce the blood samples that are ordered by the practice and, in particular, to reduce non-urgent blood tests.

We have been specifically told to stop:

  • routine testing for Vitamin D
  • routine wellness screening tests (i.e. in patients who do not have any symptoms)
  • routine allergy testing
  • infertility testing (except of patients over 35 years of age)

Management of these conditions should not be adversely affected by the temporary suspension of blood sampling.

It is hoped that by reducing non-essential testing on a national basis, sample bottles will be conserved sufficiently to allow continued testing where there is a clinical indication, including for the essential monitoring of diseases and treatments.

We have not been informed as to how long these restrictions will last but will provide updates via this website when more information is available.

All clinical staff in the practice have been asked to follow these national instructions and we are grateful for the understanding and co-operation of our patients.