Private Fees


Private Sickness Certificate £18.00
Driving Licence (Per Person & at GP discretion) £30.00
Holiday Cancellation £30.00
Certificate of Incapacity/ongoing illness £18.00
Fitness to Travel Certificate £30.00
Special Travel Certificate (see below) £30.00
Completion of Claim form £30.00


All Medical Examinations (maximum fee) £125.00
Pre-Employment (e.g. Police Force)
Driving (Elderly, Racing, Diabetic, Taxi, HGV) £80.00
School/University Entrance (Including Dulwich Prep)
Sports Fitness (Flying/Diving etc)
Court Exemption on Medical Grounds

Reports and Letters

All Formal Reports (Solicitors/insurance etc) £90.00
Short report on a proforma £50.00
Photocopy of Notes (Per Page) £0.40
Direct Extract From notes/computer records/simple letter
(e.g. Past medical history/Medications taken/Immunisations etc)
Power of Attorney forms £40.00
Power of Attorney forms (home visits) £60.00

Private Patients

Consultation Hourly Rate £175.00
Minimum Consultation Fee £45.00
Home Visit (Per Visit) £77.00
Night Visit (8.00 PM – 8.00 AM) £125.00
Private Prescription £16.50

Foreign Travel

Meningitis ACWY £65.00
Yellow Fever (Injection & Certificate) £50.00
International Certificate of Vaccination (and duplicates) £15.00
Private Prescription £18.00
Fitness to Travel Certificate £30.00
Special Travel Certificate
(e.g. confirming equipment/drugs for travel / Special Seating arrangements)

(Minimum admin charge = £10.00) Please allow ten working days

Please note we are unable to accept card payments, therefore patients are advised to bring the correct money.