Patient Participation Group

Welcome to Paxton Green’s Patient Participation Group (PPG)

What is the PPG?

Every GP practice in England is required to have a PPG. This is a group for patients to participate with their Practice to improve and develop its services. There is no set way in which a PPG works.

The PPG at Paxton Green

Here the PPG is run by patients and all patients registered at Paxton Green are eligible to join.

The PPG meetings

The meetings are held every two months for patient members, the lead GP partner and the Assistant Practice Manager. The meetings usually last about 90 minutes. Some include presentations from invited speakers.

All members are invited to request agenda items in advance. Members can also ask a question about services at the Practice in advance so that the Practice staff can provide the answer at the meeting. These tabled questions and their answers contain a lot of information about the services at Paxton Green.

As it is often difficult for people with commitments to attend in person, we vary the meeting time; alternatively, members can participate by email, telephone or letter. All enrolled members are kept fully informed by receiving meeting papers.

Meeting Dates


  • Monday 22nd January – 3.30pm- 5pm
  • Monday 19th March –  3.30pm-5pm
  • Monday 21st May – 5.30pm-7pm
  • Monday 16th July – 5.30pm-7pm
  • Monday 3rd September – 5.30pm-7pm
  • Monday 5th November – 3.30pm-5pm

The PPG business

The PPG has agreed 3 priorities which provide a focus for much of its work:

1. to improve a current service problem
2. to improve communication between the Practice and its patients
3. to promote patients’ health and well being with better self care

The PPG sets up sub groups of members for specific work. Also, members represent the PPG at various external meetings which is helpful in informing us about local and national health and social service plans, constraints and challenges. This enables us to have realistic expectations and goals and it provides information about What’s coming up such as events, consultations and surveys. The PPG’s work is led by an elected steering group (SG) of patients. The PPG is an active member of the Lambeth PPG Network.

The PPG annual reports summarise the previous year’s business.

Register with the PPG

All patients are welcome to join the PPG whether or not they are able to attend meetings. We aim to be representative of the whole Practice population and are encouraging the enrolment of young people, men and ethnic minorities all of whom are currently under-represented in the PPG.

If you are interested in contributing to improving the services at Paxton Green, please ask to enrol with the PPG at Reception or the enrolment form.

The PPG Newsletter

The PPG publishes a newsletter for all Paxton Green patients in March, June, September and December. Each newsletter features new information about the Practice, the PPG and topical self care health advice.

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Tabled Questions

View the tabled questions from our previous meetings: