Online Access to Medical Records

This service enables you to safely and securely access your medical records, including your vaccination history, referral letters, test results and GP clinical notes, whenever and wherever you wish.

Being able to access your medical records in this manner, can be extremely useful and will allow you to:

  • See your test results once they have been received and reviewed
  • Review referral letters and hospital letters sent to the practice
  • Confirm your vaccination history and medical history prior to a journey abroad or upon making a job application.
  • Access your medical records anywhere in the world, so that if you fall ill while on holiday, the doctors looking after you have all the information they might need
  • Check what medications you are prescribed, as well as how and when you are supposed to take them.
  • Order your medications and have them sent electronically to your nominated pharmacy
  • Check to see if you have been had an allergic reaction to anything, including certain medications, in the past (if this has been recorded in your records). This can be very useful when buying medication over the counter or when preparing for a hospital visit.

You can apply for online access to your medical records by completing a single online application form and then attending the practice in person with valid proof of identity and proof of residence.

View a full list of documents that can be used as either proof of identity or proof of residence.

What happens if I forget my password?

Do not be concerned if you forget your password. You will need to visit the practice and speak to a receptionist who will need to confirm your identity before resetting your password. This process will not result in any loss of information from your online account.

What happens next?

Once you have registered and your application has been processed, the practice will provide you with a document containing your login details along with further instructions on how to activate your account. Your login details will consist of a username and a temporary password, both of which will be unique to you. This ensures that only you and the practice will be able to access your online medical records, unless you choose to share your login details with another person, such as a family member or carer.

Once you have activated your account, your GP will need to ‘authorise’ your request for access to your medical records. Please note that your account will not contain any clinical data until it has been authorised by your GP. This may take up to a further 7 days.

Once your account has been authorised, you will be able to access your online medical records, whenever and wherever you like.

View further advice on how to protect your password and keeping your online medical records secure.