Booking and Managing Practice Appointments Online

By managing your practice appointments online, you no longer need to telephone or visit the practice to book a GP or Nurse appointment. In addition, you can check, rearrange or cancel your appointments from anywhere and at any time.

You can apply to book appointments online by completing a single online application form and then attending the practice in person with valid proof of identity and proof of residence.

View a full list of documents that can be used as either proof of identity or proof of residence.

Once you have been granted access, you can book your appointments from the ‘Reception and Enquiries’ section of our website

Please Note:

  • Your login details (user name and password) for this service will differ from those used to access your online medical records or order prescriptions – please keep them separate.
  • This system does not allow you to book or manage hospital appointments. Where appropriate, if being referred to hospital, you should be offered choice of provider and given the necessary instructions to book your appointment online at

Who can gain access to this service?

You must be a fully registered patient at Paxton Green Group Practice and be aged 16yrs or over to gain access to online booking. Please note that booking and managing your appointments online may not be suitable for all patients, such as those who require a language translator or chaperone.

What appointments are available to book online?

All doctor appointments can be booked on-line, once they have been released. In addition, there are some specialist nursing clinics (e.g. Diabetes or Vascular Risk) that are also available for on-line booking.

Why can I not see any appointments for today?

Online appointments can only be booked in advance of the day of the appointment. If you need to talk to a doctor on the same day, please call the dedicated Telephone Advice Line between 8am and 10am, 020 8670 6878, Mon-Fri.

What to consider when booking your appointment online

When booking an appointment for a complicated medical problem (i.e. one which you believe will require an appointment exceeding 10 minutes to address) or if you require an interpreter, or need to book a medical (e.g. those required for insurance or employment purposes), please contact the practice directly so that we can make the arrangements necessary to ensure that your needs are met. For example, this may involve booking you a double appointment (i.e. an appointment that lasts 20 minutes).

If you are ever in doubt or have any questions when attempting to book an appointment online, please contact the practice on 020 8670 6878.

What happens if I forget my password?

Do not be concerned if you forget your password. You will need to visit the practice and speak to a receptionist who will need to confirm your identity before resetting your password. This process will not result in any loss of information from your online account.

How many appointments can I book?

At any one time, you can reserve two separate 10-minute appointments online. If you need to book more than two appointments or require an appointment that lasts for longer than 10 minutes or have other special requirements, such as needing an interpreter, please contact the practice directly on 020 8670 6878.
Can I cancel my appointment online?
Yes. You can do this by logging in the same way that you do to book an appointment online. If you wish, you can then book a new appointment at a time that better suits you.

How far ahead can I book an appointment?

We release appointments up to 4 weeks in advance. The slots available are updated on a daily basis.

What does it mean if I cannot see any available appointments?

This means there are currently no appointments available to book, at that time. However, please continue to check regularly, as new appointment slots are released on a daily basis. If your request is urgent, please contact the practice directly on 020 8670 6878.