Paxton Green Frequently Asked Questions on the NHS App

Question: Is the NHS App the same as the NHS COVID App?

Answer: No

The NHS App provides a simple and secure way for you to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.

The NHS COVID-19 App is a contact tracing app. It is the fastest way to see if you are at risk from coronavirus and it also lets you check in to public places like bars and restaurants which are maintaining a record of visitors.

Question: Is the NHS App free to download?

Answer: Yes. or you can access NHS App services from the browser on your desktop or laptop computer.

Question: What can I use the NHS App for?

Answer: The NHS App enables you to:

  • get trusted NHS information and advice on hundreds of conditions and treatments
  • view and share your COVID Pass for places in England that have chosen to use this service and travel abroad
  • order your repeat prescriptions online
  • access your GP medical records online (including your other vaccinations history, referral letters, test results and clinical notes)
  • get advice about coronavirus
  • register your organ donation decision
  • find out how the NHS uses your data
  • view your NHS number

Question: Who can use the NHS App?

Answer: Anybody who is over the age of 13 and registered with a GP practice in England

Question: Will I be asked to prove my identity before being able to access my personal details using the NHS App?

Answer: Yes. This is because your records are confidential. To do this you have two choices.

The first choice you will see on the app is to upload a photo to validate your identity, but some find this a complicated procedure. Therefore we recommend the second choice of using a linkage key, account ID and password which are provided to you by the Practice reception team when you have completed the online services application form at:

You will then be ready to follow the process outlined in the answer to the next question.

Question: What is the process for registering to access my NHS services on the NHS App?

Answer: See step-by-step instructions

Question: My smart phone/tablet is old. Will I still be able to use this to access online services on the NHS App?

Answer: This may not always be possible, but you can still register for the NHS App via a web browser. Visit:

Question: I am already registered with Patient Access. Can I continue to use this?

Answer: Yes, Patient Access is one of a number of providers with alternative apps offering some similar services to the NHS App.

Question: Can I book appointments with the Practice via the NHS App or Patient Access?

Answer: No, at Paxton Green booking appointments online is a separate service for which you will be issued with a different password and ID number. To register to book appointments online, please speak to our reception team or complete the form at: