Out of Area Registration Application

Since 2015 we have been able to register patients who live outside the pratice area but without any obligation to provide home visits.

We will only register a patient for an “out of area registration” without home visits if we decide that it is clinically appropriate and practical.

In order to decide this we will ask you to complete an application form.

We may then:

  • Ask you questions about why it is practical for you to attend this practice
  • If you are not currently registered at Paxton Green we may ask the practice you are currently registered with questions about your health to help decide whether to register you in this way

If accepted, you can attend the practice and receive the full range of services provided as normal at the surgery. If you have an urgent care need and you need help at home we may ask you to call NHS 111 and they will put you in touch with a local service (this may be a face to face appointment with a local healthcare professional or a home visit where necessary).

We may decide that it is not in your best interests or practical for you to be registered in this way. In these circumstances we will not register you and will advise you to register (or remain registered) with a more local practice.

If accepted but your health needs change we may review your registration to see if it would be more appropriate for you to be registered with a GP practice closer to your home.

New Patient Registration (out of area)

In order to complete your registration, please ensure that you have your driving license and passport available.

Patient's Details

Title *
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Sex: *
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Please specify the ethnic group you consider you belong to:
Do you speak English?
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Emergency Contact

Are they your Next of Kin?
Do you give us permission to discuss your medical records with them?

Electronic Prescription Service

The practice can send your prescription to your preferred pharmacy, please give us the name of this nominated pharmacy.


Do you have any allergies?

Previous Details

Please include postcode.

If you are from abroad

Registering for the first time in the UK

Please use this date format: DD/MM/YYYY.

If you are returning from abroad

Previously been a resident in the UK

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Please use this date format: DD/MM/YYYY.


Do you have a carer?
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Do you give us permission to discuss your medical record with your carer?