Coeliac Disease Review

If you have been asked the practice to submit a Coeliac Disease Review, please use this form.

For further information on coeliac disease you can contact the Coeliac UK Helpline on 0333 3022 2033 or visit their website at for additional support.

Coeliac Disease Review



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For details on recommended calcium intake, please visit Calcium Intake and Coeliac Disease.

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Anxiety and Depression

People with coeliac disease may experience anxiety and depression. If you have concerns regarding your mental wellbeing, please book a telephone consultation with a GP for a review by visiting our Consulting Room.

Female Patients

For women with Coeliac disease who are trying to conceive or who are pregnant, it is recommended that the higher dose of 5mg folic acid should be take pre-conception and for the first three months of pregnancy.

This dosage of folic acid is available only via prescription.

Some forms of contraception (combined oral contraceptive pill, progesterone only pill) may be less effective in some patients with coeliac disease. If you have concerns, please book a telephone consultation with a GP by visiting our Consulting Room. It is important not to stop your contraception and to seek medical advice first.